CloudyInputs provides to your customers a unique user experience(UX) while they are typing and filling form inputs by saving their writings instantly and also provide words and sentences prediction and autocompletion using Artificial Intelligence (AI) deeplearning

CloudyInputs also provides you as a webmaster dashboard that enables you to trace what your users are typing instantly to get valuable insights about your users’ interactions thus you will have a clear idea about your users’ needs.

Try the FREE demo example now:

Easy peasy:

✅ No coding experience needed

✅ No database schemas needed

✅ No development needed

✅ No complicated integrations steps

Demo Screencast:

Khaled Alam demo the Cloudyinputs SaaS project

Start use our solution in your website now:

Tier pricing up to $0.005 / Per hit

Using Tiers usage pricing:

And using transformers for text predictions.

For custom features or any inquiries feel free to reach out at

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