Hardware Microcontroller Automation

One of my favorite topics in the Tech industry is “Automation

Since an early age, I have been searching for things that can be automated to save my time and other people’s time. I used to automate many things in my career for B2B, B2C, individuals, and myself.

I used to meet people and ask them about what problems and struggles they were facing in their work and daily routines.

I remember I met a person a few years ago who became one of my loyal recurring-paid customers, this person is a professional international tax consultant, and after discussing with this person what struggles this person was facing. I closed a deal with this person about bringing a clever digital solution to this person within a week.

Within 3 days after this meeting, I released an entirely SaaS project that solves this person’s problems regarding digitalizing, automation, and data processing in this person’s work pipelines, and this person was the first paid registered customer with an annual plan :).

Automation on the software level isn’t always straightforward,  Recently, I encountered a unique challenge necessitating precise, human-like interaction with external signals to bypass a very intelligent advanced human interaction detection system.

To address this, I created a smart human-like interaction simulation algorithm from scratch, successfully passing the detection system. Following this, I designed a compact hardware microcontroller automation project, embedding my algorithm code into the microcontroller’s memory for seamless operation.

Overall this project is saving me +60 hours / per week each week of my lifetime 🙂

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/khaledalam

Email: khaledalam.net@gmail.com

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